Long and Short Term Contract and Public Warehousing Elkhart, Indiana

We provide flexible contract and public warehousing options at a competitive price! We realize every customer has unique requirements, that’s why our business is structured to handle your needs.

Have multiple customers that need served in the Midwest region? We act as your middleman. By shipping to us in bulk, we can breakdown your truckload shipments to the needed quantities for your customers and forward these shipments via LTL, UPS, FedEx, USPS, or TL saving you a considerable amount of storage, transportation, and handling costs. If your customer’s shipments need special attention such as a special labeling, separate palletizing, banding, etc. We can even modify your bulk shipment to fit those customer’s individual requirements.

Our public warehousing service is a cost effective solution for:

Regional distribution

Product overflow in current facility

Plant expansion

New product introduction

Seasonal merchandise distribution

Emergency storage

One time use for special situations

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Sailor Group is locally owned and operated in Elkhart, IN. We offer cost effective, high quality warehousing services to help you serve your customers better.

Centrally Located

In the heart of the Midwest in Indiana “The Cross Roads of America” Few miles from Major East/West Interstate System (80-90)

Near Major North South Interstate System (31 & 69)

Less than 200 miles from Detroit, Chicago and Indianapolis

Directly  on Truck Route 19, 3.5 Miles from I80-I90 Interstate

Sailor Group Advantage

Sailor Group can provide sales services as well as all your warehousing needs under one roof. Providing you the flexibility to satisfy even your most demanding customers.